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Zaltech is a globally operating, privately held company with an export share of over 99 %. Our products are found in over 40 countries throughout the world. We produce spice mixtures for the food industry. In particular we are proven specialists for the meat processing industry.

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World of Spices made in Austria
Handshake counts


Speed before size. Team spirit instead of lone fighters. Personal, dynamic, reliable. Our handshake counts.

Excellent quality

Raw materials

Our raw materials are purchased directly from their source. Be it in India, China, the Americas or Europe. Zaltech examines its purchases on site, ensuring thatour products have the quality of excellent raw materials.

Individual solutions


Custom-made individual solutions instead of mass production. For every single customer.

Modern equipment


Ultra-modern equipment ensures top quality products. Our certification according to ISO 22000:2005 is a guarantee of our professionalism and safety.

Taste and functionality


Our spice mixtures are intelligent combinations of good taste and functionality. A perfect blend to match the regional requirements and desires of our customers.



We are partners for distributors and direct customers around the world.

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The new Zaltech brochure

Learn more about Zaltech. The new Zaltech brochure is available now in 7 languages.

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